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The Tip of the Tipping Point

"You have the triumph of billions of years..."

I am the tip of the tipping point.


You are the tip of the tipping point. 


In fact, there's nowhere else we could be. 


Take a moment to look at the big story of evolution that got us to BE the tip of the tipping point and let's see what we're tipping toward...

You individually and me personally and everybody collectively. 

In order to really understand the power of the tip of the tipping point, just look for a moment at the long story of creation; the Big Bang, the formation of quarks, electrons, protons, single cells, multi cells, animals, humans and now you.

Going through that spiral, just put a little core, an impulse of the creative Universal intelligence going through that entire story for more consciousness, more freedom, more love, now that's a 13.7 billion year trend!

Now take yourself, sitting right where you are, wherever it is, and feel the impulse of evolution that has been going for all these billions of years into every particle that ever was. It's the interior of evolution, meaning it's the interior of you. 

It's the impulse that's inside you pressing you forward right now and it might look to you like it just belongs to you, but No, you belong to it, or let's say it belongs to evolution. You didn't create yourself. You didn't create your body-mind you didn't create the direction of evolution. 

Let's say the tip of the tipping point in you, what could you first of all, learn about it if you look at the story that created you? You would learn about it that it's always going for more life: it's going for more intelligence, for more love, for more creativity. 

When any entities don't do that, you know what happens to them? They become extinct. There are lots of them that became extinct. 

Now the ones that didn't become extinct, which clearly you're one of or you wouldn't be here - means that you have in your, let's say, genetic code, in your universal intelligence. You have the triumph of billions of years; it could make your eyes, your ears, your body and your consciousness into exactly where you are at the tip of your tipping point. 

Alright, so let's feel into that and see where you might be in terms of the present moment of history. The present moment of history is: we could lead either to the dysfunctionality, almost destruction of life support systems on planet Earth in your lifetime. I'm 90, so I get out of this unless I really last for a while. 

You're at the tip of the tipping point, therefore you're going to tip whichever way the whole system tips and the way it tips is going to have something to do with you.

The question is -- here's how you find the tip of the tipping point: What is your deepest heart's desire?


What is it that you feel impelling you to move forward to say “yes?” 

Beyond whatever situation you're facing, beyond whatever challenges you may have, whatever opportunities you have. There's a big spectrum for everybody, but just take a pause right this moment.

Take a breath, go within and say, “My deepest heart's desire is…” and it will come forward for you. It's really interesting, ask and it is given.

Let's do this now, we're going for the tip of your tipping point you are the resume of the billions of years of story and I am facilitating you now:

Ask what is my deepest heart's desire, now?

Let it go right to the impulse of creation inside you that's carrying all of that power, and purpose of evolution as you. Now that's genuinely the tip of the tipping point, personally. 

Do you have a little flash of an idea?

If so…

If you want to be continuing on the tip of the tipping point, you know what you do now? 

You say “yes” and at the tip of the tipping point of evolutionary arising in you, as you. You have just contacted your heart's desire, briefly, just a touch of it. But you've known enough when you feel into it to say “Yes!”


Now I'll tell you what that “yes” does.


It opens doorways into the unknown, wow. Because your heart's desire is not just a personal whim. It isn't like ‘I'd like to go and buy a beautiful dress’ or ‘get a new car’ or ‘take a nice trip.’ Your heart's desire is the impulse of creation as it has turned up in you. 


All great people have been able to do this one thing -- to say “Yes” to that impulse, no matter where they were who said ‘yes’ or who said ‘no,’ whether they were successful or whether nobody ever heard of them in their lifetime. That “yes” has produced evolution. 


In the tip of the tipping point as we're moving here together, this is going to become a very rare experience of a chorus of “Yeses,” wow! Because when you get a chorus of “Yes” from different kinds of people, what you can be sure of, as Marc was saying, there's a self-organizing universe at work here.

Your heart's desire and your “Yes” does not mean you're going to do this alone. 


You know who's on your side...


The 13.7 billion years of evolution is on your side. 


But the only way you get it to be on your side is you have to activate it, and say “yes” to it. It doesn't force itself on you. You can get away with not doing it and it'll be okay. But if you want to say “yes” to it, you're going to draw on powers you don't even know of and intelligence that you cannot even imagine that created you.



Could you have made an eye, an ear, a nose? Anything? No! 

That intelligence of the self-organizing universe inside you, coded in your heart's desire is the tipping point of evolution as you and when you say ‘yes’ to it, it will reveal itself to you and through you and as you and you will become a radiant presence on this earth.

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