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Step into a Life of Evolutionary Love!

Creating the New Culture Together

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The 11th Hour


Barbara Marx Hubbard's Last Great Gift to Humanity

Now Available:

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with Barbara Marx Hubbard and Dr. Marc Gafni


Twelve deep discussions - PLUS amazing bonuses - about the most pressing issues of our time and what we have the response-ability to do now if we want to affect the trajectory of the future for ourselves, humanity and our planet.

Take a guided journey to the leading edge of human evolution, gain the insights and tools to become your own unique story of outrageous love.



Together, we will...



  • Recognize and accept the invitation to chart a new future.

  • E​ngage the attractive forces of Clarified Desire and Allurement to guide us.

  • ​Follow OUTRAGEOUS LOVE through OUTRAGEOUS PAIN to discover the new narratives of identity, love, intimacy, desire, power, and community that we need so desperately to guide us.

  • Learn to play our Instruments in the Unique Self Symphony of life.

  • Quit the quest for purpose in life and live a life that is self-evidently meaningful.

  • ​Articulate a new vision of community equal to our potential as a species.

You might be at
The Tip of the Tipping Point
"You have the triumph of billions of years..."

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Lifetime, unlimited access to the complete 11th Hour Series with extensive bonus content

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