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Welcome to the

Awaken the New Species Library

Below is our growing collection of resources for awakening new species and realizing our full potential self. 

Enjoy All Evolutionary Books

Visions of a Universal Humanity - Square

​Movie staring: Barbara Marx Hubbard, Jean Houston, Bruce Lipton available on Gaia

Awake in the Dream - Square.jpg

DVD featuring Neale Donald Walsch and Barbara Marx Hubbard, Directed by Catharina Roland

The Book of Co-Creation - Square.jpg

​Movie staring: Barbara Marx Hubbard, available on Gaia


Movie staring: Deepak Chopra, The Dalai Lama, Barbara Marx Hubbard

The Connected Universe - Square.jpg

Nassim Haramein


Suzanne Hubbard

Heartmath Solution - Square.jpg

Doc Childre & Howard Martin with Donna Beech

The Human Phenom - Square.jpg

Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

Soul Awakening Practice - Square.jpg

James O'Dea with contributions by Barbara Marx Hubbard, Ervin Laszlo, Michael A. Singer, and Lynne McTaggart

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