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Awaken the New Species Library

By Barbara Marx Hubbard


A Letter by Barbara Marx Hubbard (January, 2011)


I dedicate this work to the evolutionary journey from Homo sapiens sapiens to Homo universalis and to those pioneering souls who are guiding the way.


It has become obvious to me that I am undergoing a profound inner metamorphosis. Evolutionary insights are serving as thought triggers to decode the potential within me. Thought creates; specific thought creates specifically.


I am calling these life-giving insights “Evolutionary Codes.” Such codes are coming through with increasing clarity to many of us as we evolve under the growing pressure of planetary transition, when existing authorities do not know how to guide our system to the next stage. The guiding authority increasingly is coming from our own Universal Selves.


In my experience these Evolutionary Codes are examples of downloads from the highest frequency of our being that activate dormant potential within us. They flow through us from Universal Intelligence, from the quantum field. They are our own inner scripture. When we receive them, record them, meditate on them and speak them with the voice of our deeper self, they incarnate and activate dormant potential within us. When we meditate on these codes, especially with two or more resonant souls, they induce in us the mystical experience of “the Word” becoming “flesh.”


Eventually we realize that these words are not coming from some outside deity or higher being, although many forms of life may well exist in a universe of billions of planetary systems. In the Convergence Process these words are the essence of our Self, revealed. That Self is universal and unique to each of us. It is a localized, personalized expression of Supreme Reality, our own strand of universal creativity as us - the unique within the universal.


The Universal Self feels like the process of “involution” -a spiritual force from above descending and converging with the impulse of evolution arising within us from the whole 13.7 billion year process of creation. Thus the Convergence Process is the developmental path toward the integration of involutionary and evolutionary forces within ourselves.


The Evolutionary Codes may be compared to the codes in the imaginal cells in the body of the caterpillar that turn on as the cells enter the chrysalis. Once the body of the caterpillar is bloated and cannot grow any more, the very same imaginal cells that have been resonating and proliferating in the body of the caterpillar “jump” into the chrysalis. In response to their growing creativity and purpose, they feel “vocational arousal” and the passion to co-create the new processes and structures forming the body of the still invisible butterfly.


This is the phase of evolutionary metamorphosis we are now going through on planet Earth. Our past life pattern is not sustainable. The planetary timing is moving us toward the next phase of evolution, or devolution and even extinction.

Millions of us are moving into the “social chrysalis,” attempting to evolve ourselves and our culture toward a still amorphous undefined society. Each imaginal cell is coded with a unique creativity yearning to be expressed and integrated into the body of the societal butterfly. None of us has seen this form of society. We might call it a Co-creative Society in which each person is free to be and do his or her best within the evolving whole.


It is my experience that during this process many of us are naturally gaining access to higher frequencies of consciousness which need to be integrated with all levels of our self. We call this higher frequency our Universal Self.


The purpose of the 52 Codes is to awaken us to the guidance of our own Universal Self, the highest frequency of our being, so we can integrate these higher frequencies within ourselves to become Whole Beings, Universal Humans… ready for the evolutionary event or “birth” - the actual emergence and greater fulfillment of ourselves as members of a planetary co-creative society.


The Evolutionary Codes stimulate this awakening of our new identity and functions within the emerging “social butterfly.” They are offered for development as an initiation into our own conscious self evolution.


Barbara Marx Hubbard

January, 2011

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A process of metamorphosis to realize our full potential self.

"Welcome to the growing communion of pioneering souls exploring and manifesting together the great shift from one phase of our evolution to the next. The 52 codes are designed to help us emerge together as universal humans, cocreators of a new world."


- Barbara Marx Hubbard

“We are gathered here together as a deep communion of pioneering souls from every race, nation and religion who experience within ourselves the emergence of a Universal Human, a co-creator of new worlds.”


Barbara Marx Hubbard

“The 52 Codes bring me immediately into the most concentrated ground of my being. They have become my touchstones, my guiding principle. I rely on them for daily inspiration and spiritual sustenence. 


Bonnie Kelly
Filmmaker, Co-Founder, Evolutionary Woman

If you choose to cocreate a new world and don't know what to do, this book is for you. The 52 Codes offer a step by step experiential guide to personal transformation. 

Marilyn Tedeschi
Urban Educator, Social Activist

The Codes illuminate the evolutionary path before us and the process we are experiencing right now in this transformation on the planet. 

Marilyn Tedeschi
Urban Educator, Social Activist

The message in this exquisite book reinforces the truth we know within our own being, the remembrance of our essential nature. 

Katharine and Makasha Roske
Co-Founders of Hummingbird Community

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