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Thank you for registering for the free weekly broadcast of One Mountain, Many Paths that occurs every Sunday at 10am PT. 


There is just one more step for you.

In order to make sure it was really you who signed up, you need to confirm that by clicking the button in the email we just sent you.

One More Step Required:

Look for an email from and click the button to confirm your registration.

If you don't see that email within the next few minutes, please also check your spam folder and promotions tab.


You may want to whitelist our email address to make sure you will receive our mailings in your inbox.

Once you are confirmed you will receive an email with important information about accessing One Mountain, Many Paths live. We will also send you weekly reminders and replays if you choose so. You can always update your preferences and we are happy to honor your choices.

Reach out to if you need help from a real person.

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