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These higher frequency Evolutionary Codes selected from the journals of Barbara Marx Hubbard along with the accompanying meditation CD Contact With Your Universal Self are offered as a step-by-step experiential guide to personal transformation.

The purpose of the 52 Codes is to awaken us to the guidance of our own Universal Self, the highest frequency of our being, so we can integrate these higher frequencies within ourselves to become Whole Beings, Universal Humans.

These Evolutionary Codes stimulate the awakening of our new identity and awaken dormant evolutionary potential within.

“The 52 Codes bring me immediately into the most concentrated ground of my being. They have become my touchstones, my guiding principle. I rely on them for daily inspiration and spiritual sustenance.”

Bonnie Kelley,
Filmmaker and co-founder of Evolutionary Women

52 Codes for Conscious Self Evolution

SKU: 978-0-9796259-0-9
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